Saturday, September 02, 2006

Bush and Rove negotiate $450 million dollar slush fund from Canda

How in the world has this not set the blogosphere (and then the late to the party MSM) on fire?

Get a trade negotiation between the USA and Canada $450 million will be funneled directly to the Bush Whitehouse to do whatever it wants with the money with no congressional oversight.

This is a 450 million dollar slush fund that Rove can use to steal our election....the Canadians have already described it as such.

The Dems in Congress better find their spines and speak up next week in outrage. This will either backfire in Rove's face or cost us the elections.....

This is a bi-partisan issue so I hope everyone, Democrats, Republicans, Greens, Independents will contact their reps and senators and ask them to take action to correct this asap. The Bush admin should have to account for this outrageous behavior.

What is with these folks? Don't they believe in democracy?

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Eileen Levandoski said...

Thanks for this, Mosquito. I just sent an email to Rep. Drake asking her about this $480 million. I'll let you know what I hear back, if anything.

Mosquito said...

Good for you Eileen...Love what you are doing at VB Dems!
I haven't been able to make a comment when I made the change to Beta... :( Plus I'm off the lefty blogs so working pretty "invisibly" at the moment I'm glad you stopped by!

I sent an email to Senator Warner and am phoning him today.Then I'll be contacting my other Junior Sen and rep with eemails and a phone calls....