Saturday, September 02, 2006

Secret Senate "Holder" is Outed on the anti-pork bill

This is rich. AK-Sen Ted "Bridge to Nowhere" Stevens is the one who placed the secret hold on the Anti-Pork Bill--S.2590--sponsored by Barack Obama and Tom Coburn.
(w-VA Senator Byrd had also placed a hold on the bill but released his hold after he was outed.)

Ted Stevens explains that he was concerned about the cost of the anti-pork bill...which is about $208 million LESS than his bridge to nowhere project. Stevens can't seem to fathom that others might see it as Stevens wanting to continue to raid our national treasury in secret.

This year, Senator Stevens also gave our very own Pat Robertson his own pork project. Stevens ushered the "Interstate Ramp for Pat Robertson's Real Estate Enrichment" through the Senate. This bill was passed through the U.S. House courtesy of Thelma Drake. The same Thelma "Tra La La" Drake who forgot to add this to her list of accomplishments on her website. Come on Thelma stand up and take credit for your handiwork to help out your dear friend Pat and his local real estate venture. Hmmmmm...I wonder if Thelma's real estate business will also get a kickback for this?


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