Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Catholic Workers arrested at Oceana Air Show

On Saturday, September 9th, five Virginia and North
Carolina Catholic Worker communities and friends
protested US warmaking during the annual NAS Oceana
Air Show. In the morning, 25 people held an hour and a
half vigil on Oceana Blvd. as cars drove by heading
into the base for the show. In the afternoon three
people, myself from the Norfolk Catholic Worker and
Bill Frankl-Streit and Brian Buckley from the Little
Flower Catholic Worker in Louisa Co. climbed on top of
an F-22 Raptor on display and held a banner reading
"Weapons of Mass Destruction--Nothing to Celebrate."
We were arrested and indefinately banned from the
base. We have yet to be charged but Naval Criminal
Investigation Services is considering pressing
trespassing and Destruction of Government Property
Attatched are a couple pics from the vigil and the
civil disobedience action. Please help spread the
peace, Steve

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