Friday, September 15, 2006

How to Steal Elections with Diebold for Dummies

Princeton University did a study that shows how easy it is to steal votes without being detected using a diebold touchscreen voting machine.
They produced a video as well as a technical paper.

How to steal the election with a Diebold Acurvote TS

How to steal the election with a Diebold TS

Now please contact Governor Kaine's office and raise some hell. Quite a few people have been doing this for months now.

Please get


hr_conservative said...

While I don't feel there has been any malicious activity in past elections, I do feel the possibility is there. In the past, I didn't think this should be done. But, with confidence dropping in elections, I have changed my mind.

While I briste at the increased costs, the fact that at least 35% of the voters believe something might go wrong is enough for me to call for something to be done. People have to have confidence in the elections.

Hey, we agree on something!

Mosquito said...

Wow...this is a red letter day...but I have a feeling we will have more to come....