Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Is Al Queda trying to influence our elections once again? It's "interesting" how an Al Gueada tape surfaces once again during a crucial election year. It's almost like the neo cons and Al Gueda have the same playbook.

The CIA concluded that Al Queda wanted Bush to be re-elected in 2004. I guess Al Queda wants to reinforce the fear that the Republicans are trying to cram down our throats before this crucial election.

Well in VA I can't think of a better remedy for fear than Jim Webb. Better to have a warrior Senator than a dude ranch cowboy I say.

We need competence not incompetence, we need accountability not continued irresponsible and incompetent management of our nation, and we need answers to what has gotten us into this mess so we can steer a different more productive course.

All of us need to face our fears and think things through. Panic will only drive us down the same old path Rove and Bush have tried sending us down before. It's time for us to take responsibility and help steer our nation back to reason and reality.

Stand Brave and continue working to introduce the best option we have--Jim Webb--to our state's citizens and Get Out The Vote!

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