Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Is Eric Cantor outraged about ABC's Path to 9/11?

Seventh District Congressman Eric Cantor wrote a letter to CBS in October 2003 expressing concerns about the portrayal of President Reagan in "The Reagans" miniseries. He wanted to insure a "fair and accurate portrayal" of President Reagan.

I wonder if Cantor believes that a "fair and accurate portrayal" of 9/11 is important. We should ask him if he is concerned about ABC's "Path to 9/11" mockumentary.

A number of Republicans exerted pressure on CBS about "The Reagan's" miniseries. CBS decided not to air the program on it's network. Why are Republicans now criticizing Democrats for expressing their concern about ABC's Path to 9/11?

I don't think the best solution to the rampant media bias existing today is partisan politics. We should ask all of our representatives and senators to see that the Fairness Doctrine is brought back to life. The Fairness Doctrine served us well and with today's media distortions it is needed now more than ever before. We need to bring back some semblance of balance to our media.

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