Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Thelma Drake Caught Red-Handed....again

Thelma Drake is now airing a Tv Ad where whe labels herself HONEST and INDEPENDENT.

Well Thelms is surely not independent with her rubber stamp 97% vptomg recprd/ She is not honest about this at all.

When a politician has to deceitfully label herself as Independent and shys away from her 97% Republican voting record...one has to think that Thelma knows her voting record is not one she can run on.

Yet her voting record is what voters need to make that important decision of who to vote for.

So, Thelma you've been caught red handed again!

Note: I use the term red handed in the same way my parents did. When I was caught "red-Handed" with my hand in the cookie jar.

You can see Thelma's latest ad here

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