Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Thelma Drake Is Counting On Money...

Thelma Drake is having another Fundraising Breakfast with First Lady Laura Bush. Unlike the Fundraiser with President George Bush, Thelma will show up for this one.

When is enough money enough? Thelma has already surpassed the national average for Republican House members (average is $1,238,924 Thelma has 1,408,438 and counting) and she has more cash on hand than the average (average 370,287 and Thelma has 708, 487).

Does Thelma think that anything can be bought? Even a US House seat? She seems to be running her campaign on this belief. Her opponent has raised half as much money (704,077).

When is enough enough Thelma?

I think that Thelma knows her record won't win her seat back. So she's going to try to buy it back using tv and radio ads.

I'd rather have a representative running on their record. Thelma is simply trying to buy herself a House seat.

So why not come out and let Laura Bush know that Thelma Drake doesn't need any more money.

Laura Bush should be working to rasie money for a much worthier cause....like helping Hurricane Katrina survivors! Or how about raising money to help wounded vets who are amputees? Come on Laura you can do better than this.

Here's the event information:

Thursday, September 7, 2006
9:15 a.m.

Norfolk Waterside Marriott Hotel
235 East Main Street
Norfolk, Virginia


Insider said...

Yawn....of course no incumbent Democrats are raising money.

Y'all are so biased, it's almost silly to read you.

mosquito said...

As usual you change the subject and fail to address that Thelma has LOTS of money....she is simply trying to BUY the election. LOL...nice try...every candidate raises money...we know that...d'uh...

And no comment on how Laura could better spend her fundraising time for things like the Katrinca debacle her hubby screwed up so badly?


Insider said...

I didn't change the subject. I just held up a mirror to you.

Mosquito said...

Yes every candidate raises money blah blah blah blah...

But as usual you miss or distort the point.

Thelma Drake has 3x the money that Phil Kellam has and she's still scrambling for more hoping she can buy enough "swiftboat ads" to distort her record that she can end up buying her house seat back.

that's the point. You are no good as a mirror...you use a carnival fun house mirror...this is the preferred weapon of manipulators, con men, "right wing neocons" and fools.

Heaven forbid anyone should live in the real world and discuss real issues and facts.