Saturday, November 11, 2006

David Rovics Performing In Norfolk

WHERE: 40th Street Theatre
Norfolk, VA 23508
(757) 423-4084Norfolk VA
WHEN: 7:30 pm Monday nite Nov 13th

WHY: A "Perfect" way for Virginians of all stripes and colors to come together and celebrate a new unity in Virginia with the recent Jim Webb Victory!

"Listen to David Rovics..."
Pete Seeger

"Rovics has his fist tight on the pulse of intervention through music."
Sing Out! Magazine

"David Rovics is the musical version of Democracy Now!"
Amy Goodman, host, Democracy Now!

"David Rovics is a guy George W. Bush would probably like to clamp in chains at Guantanamo Bay -- the last American protest singer (or so it seems)... In these days of ongoing neo-conservatism he carries the torch of dissent and protest -- in fact if the great Phil Ochs were to come back from the dead tonight he'd probably be hailed as the new David Rovics."
Andy Kershaw, BBC Radio 3

"If Alternative Radio had a musical voice, it would be David Rovics. He will tell the people."
David Barsamian, host, Alternative Radio

"David Rovics' music gives life and hope in the struggle for peace and justice. He is an inspiration."
Reverend Roy Bourgeois, founder, SOA Watch

"If the key to building a mass movement is to make it 'irresistible,' David is opening the flood gates."
Medea Benjamin, Founding Director, Global Exchange

"In that Wobbly tradition of sharp social commentary, David is a master."
The Industrial Worker

"Inspiring, and inspired... For anyone despairing of finding the next generation, worry no more!"
AK Press

"David Rovics is the peace poet and troubador for our time."
Cindy Sheehan

"David Rovics is the musical version of PBS — that is, if PBS had more cojones!"
The Lone Star Iconoclast, Crawford, Texas

Come on OUT, have a GREAT TIME, and SUPPORT an indy artist and the local Hampton Roads Indy Media Coalition. Tickets are $15.00 BUT if you buy an advance ticket over the weekend they are $10.00...Buzz...Buzz....Buzz...Mosquito

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