Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Deer breaks fence in Portsmouth...and life goes on

We are on the long road to taking our country back....hopefully we celebrated some last night...I know I did. I couldn't go to sleep and kept checking the election returns...but now I'm short on time. I have to shower and dress to leave in an hour for a big community activist meet up tonight....

But life goes dear friend called to say a large buck was spotted in her Portsmouth neighborhood....not only spotted but it broke her I went over to help her fix her fence b/c her dogs "have" to have their space. It's an old Portsmouth working class probably know it...Park we are all wondering where in the world that deer came from?

Approximately three decades ago, some bears were cut off from the dismal swamp and they lived for quite a while where Manor High School is located. No one believed the children in the neighborhood who spoke of "strange creatures" in the area. But when a Portsmouth police officer saw a momma bear and her cub in his next door naighbors yard the bear hunt was on. They caught 3-4 bears and transplanted them to the great Dismal Swamp.

Hopefully this "deer" Buck will have the same fate.

My big wish for the day is that Allen will take the advice he gave to Gore when Florida was "stolen"....just concede and let the nation move on. Well Webb did not "steal" the VA election...the dirty tricks that are being investigated have ties to Allen's staffers....(e pluribus media...the link can be found at Daily Kos).....

Amazing...the media knows that Montana's Senator has been declared a winner with 2,000 why is Webb with over 7 thousand votes?

Hopefully as soon as the canvassing is done Allen will spare Virginians the cost of a recount. But with what I know of Allen's would be a BIG LEAP for Allen to concede gracefully. But on this point I do hope I'm wrong.

Hope all is well is your world....Buzz...Buzz...

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