Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Five Buzz Night

David Rovics came to town and Hampton Roads underground and activist communities came together to create an unforgettable Five Buzz night.

I'd heard the buzz on Rovics so I had to go....the people who have seen him are passionate about him. I came prepared. I read the reviews comparing this protest folk singer to the likes of Arlo Guthrie, Pete Seeger and Phil Ochs. I didn't expect to end the night knowing that Rovics is our modern day troubadour and is the rightful heir to take the stage once dominated by the likes of Guthrie, Pete Seeger and Phil Ochs.

The 40th Street Theatre was almost packed....but that was the only near miss of the night.

Rovics revived us....He is a master of being with an audience. The charisma and camaraderie ricocheted back and forth between Rovics and the people. It was warm, tender, funny, insightful and everyone got charged up together....

I rarely give something Five Buzz night....But for any educated grassroots activist Rovics is the king of protest folk.

If you missed this evening you missed the chance to mingle with a diverse, colorful community filled with young anarchists, older socialists, a self defined "communitist", progressive democrats, progressive entrepreneurs, and even surburban yuppies who have simply had enough.

The entire left stage area was filled with young anarchists who knew the chorus to many of the songs. Right stage had an older crowd of activists settled down with families, and the middle, larger area was filled with folks of all ages, and from various walks of life from Ghent business folk, entrepreneurs, college kids, and even some gray haired hippies.

You also missed out on the opportunity to hear a great indy artist in the perfect environment. Unlike Dylan who never participated in demonstrations and according to Joan Baez wrote peace songs because they sold well...Rovics is in the trenchs and this is obvious in his music. His music is real and in your face...there is nothing distant or subtle about it. Rovics is direct with his message and many of his songs could be called anthems for the worldwide people's movement.

After the concert, my friend Star asked David Rovics what he thought about performing in Norfolk. According to Star, Rovics said Norfolk was an exciting and enjoyable venue. He loved the theatre setting and he loves Norfolk's underground progressive community. It seems that places like New York City and San Francisco can seem jaded in comparison. The folks there have an abundence of progressive artists on a regular basis.....Rovics gets a charge playing for the Norfolk Community.

Do did we David....So did we...

So Rovics will return....IF it happens in the same place the show will be undoubtedly be sold out because everyone left saying they were going to have to get their best friend to see Rovics when he comes back to town. So if you want to catch Rovics when he returns to Norfolk I suggest you purchase an advance tickets so you'll know you'll be able to attend. This is truly a must experience event for all folks desiring a more compassionate, saner, and humane world.

Kudos to Hampton Roads Indy Media Coalition and their producer Luna for this fabulous event.


David Rovics is a firm believer in the commons so he makes all his music available for download at his website Do yourself a favor....download David Rovics...Then I'll see you at his next attendence in Norfolk, hopefully in 2007.


Eileen Levandoski said...

I'm really sorry I missed this! But Monday's are my hardest... one daughter to Chesapeake for orchestra and the other with soccer practice. Whoever said it's gets easier as they get older was nuts. Soccer girl is 13 so 3 more years being a mom taxi. Anyway... hopefully, next time and thanks for sharing, Mos.

Mosquito said...

I'll try to remember to post earlier next time to give you plenty of notice. If you love music and "social issue stuff" You'll love Rovics.


Insider said...

really packed? hardy har har. I thought that place was named the 40th SEAT theater.

I wondered if there were any phone booths still around.

Mosquito said...

Insider....are you a nice person to have around at any gathering? From your sarcastic mean comments on many a blog it seems doubtful.

I love hanging around creative, compassionate, optimistic people who relate kindly. In my book, it's not how much money or status you have...it's how much heart you have. How open and creative are you in making the world better for everyone?

The 40th Street Theatre folks are wonderful and fabulous....as were the HRIMC, TPA, and Gaians who attended the event.

I LOVE to find artists BEFORE they are playing in packed coliseums for the masses...Springsteen used to play at clubs at the beach in the early 70's...that's when I discovered him and I KNEW instantly he was incredibly special...I'm one of those folks that likes to discover the great ones in small crowds before they make it BIG and maybe give in to the temptation of mass marketing etc.....

Even if I do see Springsteen occassionally in a coliseum it's the times when he was playing the small clubs that were truly special.

My current unknown artists watch list consists of Dave Rovics, Dan Bern, and Ember Swift.....

On the local scene I've been keeping a steady eye on Julie Clark and Sky Zentz. There's a lot of potential there.

I'm sorry I haven't had the time and funds to really get out and "scout" the scene more....so if anyone out there has seen some great local, regional, talent ESPECIALLY if the artist likes the INDY scene please let me know.