Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Soldier's Dad will speak at Free Event

Bob Watada, father of LT Ehren Watada, will speak about his son's opposition to the Iraq War at the 40th Street Stage in Norfolk. LT Watada is facing court martial. He is the first officer in the armed forces to refuse deployment to Iraq.

There will also be a question and answer period.

WHEN: 7 pm Wednesday
WHERE: 40th St. Stage
809 40th St. Norfolk (In the back section of the building across the street from Felinis Restaurant on Colley Ave.)



beachmom1 said...

OT: Mosquito, you had asked for links about Webb, Gates and Reid, so here they are:,CST-EDT-novak12.article

One reason for hurrying Senate confirmation of Robert Gates as secretary of defense through the lame-duck session of Congress is to avoid confrontation with an old enemy: James Webb, who will be a Democratic senator from Virginia in the new Congress starting in January.
During President Ronald Reagan's second term, Gates and Webb clashed as colleagues. Webb as secretary of the Navy objected to plans by Gates, then deputy national security adviser, for U.S. warships to protect oil platforms in the Persian Gulf. The hot-tempered Webb made clear his irritation with the soft-spoken Gates.

Considering his background, Webb is likely to go on the Senate Armed Services Committee. The White House wants to confirm Gates before Webb is sworn in.

If you go to this Raising Kaine link:;jsessionid=09653F998EA0246F6690F9D8F3C517EF?diaryId=6003

(copy and paste link -- too long for hyperlink)

you can find a YouTube of Webb on Larry King Live saying he felt Gates should be confirmed in the NEW Senate.

Now here the quote from Reid:

Reid told The Associated Press that a top priority for the remainder of the lame-duck session will be confirming Robert Gates as defense secretary, succeeding Donald H. Rumsfeld. “The sooner we can move it forward the sooner we can get rid of Rumsfeld,” he said.

It sounds like a done deal, and I think it was disrespectful of Webb. However, he did get the committees he wants, so perhaps this was the price he had to pay.

Mosquito said...

Thanks so much Beach mom!!