Saturday, December 23, 2006

On Misconceptions about Islam

There are scores of misconceptions, driven by fear and loathing in the last few decades, about Islam. One is that Islam possesses a fanatical desire to undermine and destroy the Christian and Jewish faiths, converting Christians and Jews to Islam by the sword if necessary. But these ideas are from the realms of fantasy, propaganda and projection. And they are fertilized by the noxious and hateful neocon movement, which has ulterior motives for demonizing Islam, namely to justify agression against Islamic States and peoples.

Historically, Islam has been rather tolerant of Christianity and Judaism. The Prophet Mohammed called Jews and Christians "People of the Book", and considered Moses and Jesus both earlier prophets as well. During the Middle Ages, when temporal Islamic Empires were very widespread and powerful, Christians and Jews within their realms were allowed to practice their own religions and, although not granted all the rights of Moslems, were neither generally oppressed nor assaulted with recurring pograms, such as were common against the Jews throughout Europe and Russia. In contrast, the Jewish community in Moorish Spain flourished and was a center of Jewish philosophy. The modern city of Fallujah, so recently devastated by the American military in Iraq, was also a center of Jewish culture in the midst of the larger Islamic culture.

Meanwhile, hatred circles like a shark waiting to strike. It replaces the historical and experiential truth with stereotypes and projections and one's mind becomes infected with these stereotypes. Moslems in this country are in danger of becoming the new "Japs" and the new "Negroes (and you know what else)" of our ugly past, and it is always demagogic politicians who lead the way. So, take a cue from Jesus and think unconditional love, when tempted, to keep your minds clear of this spiritual pollution.

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