Thursday, December 21, 2006

Virginia's Word

First there was George Allen and the macaca incident. Allen's use of a racial epithet from his mother's native land and his subsequent explanations garnered so much attention that "macaca" is becoming a new, widely used word in American English.

Now a new "macaca" moment comes from the mouth of another right wing Virginian Republican, Virgil Goode (R-VA-5th). The Council on American-Islamic Relations condemned Goode's "ignorant and divisive statements " and called on him to apologize. As if this writing, Goode has issued no apology.

I love my home state. However, recent bigotry is not the sole domain of a few right wing Virginian Republicans. In the midterm elections, Virginians voted to enshrine Jim Crow into our state constitution. As a young girl I have memories of living in a Jim Crow state. Things were separate, but definitely not equal.

Bigotry is bigotry. Elected officials such as George Allen and Virgil Goode, and the passage of the marriage amendment indicates that VA has more than it's fair share of racists, bigots and homophobes. I don't seem to have a case to present in defending my home state of VA against these charges of racism and bigotry.

I suggest that my home state adopt a new state symbol to recognize and "honor" the power and the influence of right wing extremists in our state.

We have a eleven state symbols (not counting our flag and various seals). These symbols include a state boat (Chesapeake Bay deadrise), a dog (American Fox Hound), and a state bird (red cardinal). So why not a state word? And a state word from George Allen, a state politician the corporate media describes as "very popular," seems appropriate.

Why not enshrine Macaca as Virginia’s state word?



Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Hi my dear Buzzin friend,

2006 ended with a major debacle for the Pharisaic thugs of Neoconistan: let’s hope the political wine of 2007 will be as sweet to our patriotic pallets….

I look forward to hear Jim Webb’s first speeches in the US Senate: the Virginian will be Cheney’s worst nightmare!

In the meantime, I wish you a merry Christmas & happy new year.

May Crom and the Holly Tarim be with you and your loved ones

V. the Barbarian

Mosquito said...

Thank you Victor...And I wish you a very happy holiday and a great new year too....

Hopefully, the people will continue to speak out, the heat will stay on the "evildoers" and we be able to get our country set into a new direction in 2007!!