Thursday, December 28, 2006

Richmond Democrat exposes neocon Republican Trolls

Now that John Maxfield of The Journal for the Common Man has been "outed" as a fraud by The Richmond Democrat, it is going to be amusing to see the right wing extremists try to spin this one. STD has already posted his conspiracy theory...that Senator Jim Webb is responsible for outing Alex's fraudulent claims of being an adult and an attorney. (STD follows Bush's example of evading responsibility. No accountability among the's always someone else's fault. Next they will be saying that Jim Webb paid young Alex to commit this fraudulent activity.)

One thing is for sure....this will cull the "incompetents and the trolls" out from among the legitimate conservative bloggers....SwacGirl outed herself quite nicely by posting the following:
A number of conservative bloggers have been writing about this. They have all done a great job standing up for and uniting the conservative bloggers.

-- General Grievous' Dog
-- John Maxfield at The Journal of the Common Man and judging from what goes on from here the "respectable" conservative bloggers will become better known.
....[the list continues)
It doesn't do any of us any good to have such trolls within our ranks. My condolences to the respectable conservative Virginia bloggers out there having to put up with such riff raff among you. But SwacGirl said it well, this provides an opportunity for the "....respectable" conservative bloggers [to] become better known." I trust they will cull their own ranks and disaffiliate themselves from the fraudulent trolls.

LOL....IF any of the extreme right wing neocon trolls have thought of the following Rove trick--creating a "fraudulent" lefty blogger--save your time and energy. The lefty bloggers in Virginia aren't going to band together to defend any they left or right wing.

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