Wednesday, December 27, 2006

We Are The Web

When you're contacting your elected officials in DC on Jan 3 and 4th about Iraq withdrawal (asap) might remind them that net neutrality needs to be addressed asap too. There's no reason this measure can't be passed quickly...there are fine bills from Jim Moran in the house and one from Olympia Snowe in the Senate that were introduced last session. Moran's was defeated and Senator George Allen wouldn't let Snowe's bill leave his committee for a vote. So the DEMS need to insure Net Neutrality asap...

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Update: Thanks to Jonathan Mark at Goodbye Jim for finding my greivous error.
Rep. Rick Boucher (VA-09) deserves the credit I wrongly gave to Jim Moran.

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Mosquito said...

I almost forgot...Thanks to Alma for sending this video to Star....Buzz Buzz to a wonderful progressive Norfolk Activist.