Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Ask Virginian Pilot to carry Amy Goodman's Column

Award winning independent journalist Amy Goodman of Democracy Now has a syndicated newspaper column. The Virginia Pilot should carry this column if it has any hope of reflecting the diversity of its readers in Hampton Roads.

Here is a sampling of Goodman's columns.

Contact the Virginian Pilot ask them to carry Amy Goodman's column. I'd like to have a reason to subscribe to my local paper. This would give it to me.

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Howling Latina said...

Hey, Evil is my real good buddy from Houston.

He started blogging back in the day...but because of his extensive work schedule only posts once or twice a month.

He's a grrreat writer. Funny and passionate.

If he'd kept a daily blog, he'd be right up there with the nationals, for sure; several national link to his Web site, like Liberal Oasis, Rude Pundit and and others.