Friday, January 19, 2007

Fox News Exposes Bush's Flopping Point....

It seems to be more than a tipping point....I'd have to say it's a flopping point. The latest Fox News Poll shows that Bush's "unfavorable" rating is larger than Dick Cheney's. George has surpassed Dick in the "un-favorability" factor by a whopping 5% (Bush is 58% to Cheney's 53%).

It gets even more interesting. Bush wins by a whisker (1%) over Cheney in"favorability" (38% to 31%) Those Fox viewers...way to go folks.

Fox has also "uncovered" that the two most important issue in our country today are the War in Iraq is overwhelmingly the number one issue concerning Americans 45% followed by healthcare/prescription drugs at 10%, Economy/Jobs/Employment is the number three concern at 7%.

No wonder that John Edwards appears "to be" the heartthrob of the nation at this time.


Poll Sources are:
Fox News Poll

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