Thursday, January 18, 2007

Senator Warner is not committed......

I was talking to Mosquito a little while ago and I was told to check out the Daily Kos and I saw this:

John Warner - Virginia

I am hesitant to list this race so high because of two reasons. First, I am unsure that Warner will follow through with his commitment to run. If he bows out, this seat could be obtainable as the Democrats have won two close elections in a row with Tim Kaine in 2005 and of course Jim Webb in 2006. The other fact that remains is whether or not former Governor Mark Warner will challenge for the seat. If Gov. Warner challenges Senator Warner than this race could be one big Warner-for-all, with the only certain outcome being that a Warner being the next Senator from Virginia.

I found this interesting because I called Warner's office today to voice concerns with one of his aides. I started with..."It is rumored that Senator Warner will be running for re-election...." The aide then stated, "The Senator has not made a decision on whether he will run again."

Now this is very interesting. I think the Dems oughta start looking for thier ideal candidate now. You can bet the Republicans are already planning and looking ahead.


Terry said...

It's not a rumor, John Warner will be running, and he's indicated so on numerous occassions now.

Star Womanspirit said...

If I had money to bet on what you are saying I would bet that you are accurate in what you are saying.

I find it so very interesting that Warner's staff is "hedging" on this which makes me think that Warner has the exit door unblocked and IF he gets the sense that his constituents aren't happy, etc he just may exit (and I wouldn't be surprised if the Republicans have a person with money waiting in the wings ready to hit the ground running to take over his seat).

Wouldn't it make strategic sense to not alert the Dems that this seat was going to be vacant so they don't make plans for it?

Maybe it's just me and my thoughts....I do hope the Dems simply plan to put a strong candidate up against Warner....I believe he's defeatable.