Thursday, January 18, 2007

Riverboat Gambling in Portsmouth and Norfolk??

VA has utlilized the Lotto to help send our educational system to the front of the nation. They also okayed a race track with race track betting, and unfortunately instead of locating this track near tourist territory (where it would have had more success such as in Portsmouth) they located it in a rural area where it often had difficulty drawing a crowd. But the satellite off track betting centers are allegedly doing a decent business. However, since a private industry is running this venture I doubt that VA is reaping the benefits as it does with the lottery.

Why doesn't Norfolk and Portsmouth request legislation to allow them to utlilize riverboat gambling? The proceeds could be used to help fund another tube to add two lanes to the midtown tunnel to ease the notorious traffic congestion between Norfolk and Portsmouth. The majority of the proceeds could then be earmarked to help with other Norfolk/Portsmouth issues that are so often unaddressed such as affordable housing/homelessness and other programs that are needed in these two urban areas that need additional resources.

It's just a thought as I sip tea on a rainy afternoon....

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Vivian J. Paige said...

You may want to check back in the archives about riverboat gambling. It was a proposed and abandoned a number of years ago. If I recall correctly, Jerrald Jones led the effort to get it passed.