Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Message to Governor Kaine

I sent this email to the governor today.

Please don't sell Virginians out to Dominion Power. They have lobbied hard for this bill which gives them guaranteed profits (at our expense) and limits the powers of our regulatory agency overseeing them.

This will let citizens know if you are going to represent our interests or sell out to corporate interests.

The ball is in your court Gov. Kaine.

Star Womanspirit

Now we shall wait and see who Governor Kaine chooses to represent.


Rolfe said...

I'm working with Virginians for Sensible Energy Policies (VSEP) a coalition of local groups, electric customers, families, farmers, workers and citizens of all ages. VSEP is organized to study energy policy, educate the public, and litigate to protect the environment and property rights. We are particularly opposed to Dominion's proposed plan to build a 40-mile, 500-kv transmission line of 150 foot tall towers through the heart of Virginia.

Instead, we believe that Virginia can meet all of its future energy needs through a comprehensive state energy plan that promotes the use of modern technology and energy efficiency that will move Virginia from being one of the worst states in the nation for its energy practices to one of the best. Dominion refuses to provide proof of a need for this transmission line and instead they are using their lobbying dollars and muscle in Richmond to force this irresponsible plan on the state.

I'm glad to see your opposition to Dominion and if you are interested in learning more about stopping their power tower plan here is VSEP's website,


Mosquito said...

Thanks for the info....I'll be checkin' this stuff out...

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Seveneasypeaces said...

My electric bill went up quite a bit this last month. Is deregulation finally stinging us?

People in Maryland can choose a pecentage or 100% of wind power in some locates. I heard about it on