Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Fanatics throughout the planet are pushing humanity toward a cataclysmic conflagration between religions and cultures. Ironically, each side thinks it is defending civilization from the evil "Other". But their perspectives are all based on the delusion of separateness, that somehow there is an "Other", when what they are seeing is really their projections of the Other. They betray, when they demonize others, the superficiality of their own mental conceptions of the so-called enemy, as well as their lack of understanding as to why others behave in a hostile manner.

The deeper truth is that there is no Other, because we are all ONE. There is no separateness, no isolated ego or group of egos disconnected from the rest of Creation. All is God. There is no Christianity intrinsically separate from Islam, or from Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Wicca or Buddhism for that matter. These are but, as the Kublai Khan put it centuries ago, the "fingers of God". Why would God want to cut off one of His or Her own fingers? Lesser still, why would God want one of his own manifestations to cut off one of His or Her own fingers?!

No man or woman is an island. You've all heard that before. Try holding your breath for five minutes and see how self-contained and separate you are from the rest of Creation. If you succeed you will likely have turned blue and passed out, or even dropped dead, because you are inexorably a part of your environment. You depend on it like a cell depends on the bloodstream. So you are already connected to the whole of Creation through the breath. On the deepest level we also share in the same cosmic energy, prana, chi or ki, which is also related to the concept of Spirit. We just aren't fully aware of this. The bottom line is that we are, each of us, the entire Universe, the entire nine yards, as experienced from infinite points of light and consciousness. This is our Greater Self.

So the delusional act of hating or willfully hurting another being is really the height of folly, because what you are doing to another you are really doing to yourself, and by yourself I mean your Greater Self, beyond the illusory ego. Why do you think GIs, Marines and Sailors suffer so badly from PTSD? It's because they have wounded or slaughtered a part of themselves. You or I would be a psycho-somatic mess too if we had, say, just cut off our own arm or leg! This is in effect what we are doing to our Greater Self in war. War, the ultimate obscenity. This is why we have consciences, to remind us to respect the rest of our Greater Self. That is why we love, to enjoy our Greater Self.

Fortunately, there is an awesome website, AVAAZ.org, that is emphasizing this very point of Oneness, and asking us all to sign a petition to stop the pending clash of civilizations. They are asking for one hundred thousand signatures. I say give them one million, at least! You can click here to visit their site or also on the title above to see one far out, hard-hitting video, sign the petition, and pass it on.

Honor your Greater Self, please.

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So true.

You and I have a lot of teh same views on things. Maybe we should link to each other. Come on by my place and let me know what you think.