Sunday, May 20, 2007

If someone speaks the truth the neocons attack.

Ron Paul has spoken the sanest, truest words of any Republican candidate and it resonated with many US citizens. The Republicans now want to prevent Ron Paul from attending any more presidential debates.....they need everyone to repeat the propaganda...the party sound bites. As Goebbels said....if it's stated often enough it {the falsehood} becomes true.

Jimmy Carter stated another widely held "truth"...that President Bush is the worst President ever....and now the neocons are attacking him.... Interesting enough they are calling Jimmy Carter "irrelevant" a former president who has continued to inspire many Americans with his work with charities such as Habitat for Humanity. Funny that the white house should call Carter "irrelevant" since that is the term that is often used to refer to Bush whenever he tries to offer an opinion on something these days. Bush's lies have made anything he has to say "irrelevant." Only a few hard core neocon supporters will support anything that Bush or Cheney propose.

Dick Cheney and Rove believe (as evidenced by their defense in the Plamegate trial)..."They aren't liable for anything they say that is false or damages another person's life...."They" are held to a lesser standard than the average citizen in their mindset....this sort of insane logic is what is responsible for turning our sane world upside down. It is up to us to right it and get back to dialogue that is truthful and meaningful.

We all need to insist on truth telling and ACCOUNTABILITY. If the Democratic Congress does not get busy with some serious investigation and hearings with some muscle they are going to make themselves irrelevant.

We the people want the Democratic Congress to stop talking nice and get down to some serious business. Maybe we need to start driving around the capital blasting the Dixie Chicks "Not Ready to Be Nice" out our car windows so that our representatives might get the message....maybe we ought to send this song to them via email? Hmmm....

If Comyn's recent testimony will not rouse the Moderate and Sane Republicans and Democrats in Congress to some serious action then THEY ALL NEED TO BE REPLACED in 2008. If they don't get busy soon I foresee a third party arising. The people are tired of politics as usual.....I know I am. It's time we got our country back on a sane track.

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