Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Loyalty to Party VS. Loyalty to Self

Loyalty to party and loyalty to the status quo is wasting America’s potential greatness.

We have lost a great activist with a heart filled spirit. Cindy Sheehan has gone home to tend the wickedest wounding of all….wounds inflicted from people who were once allies. On top of that is the painful experience of knowing the majority of Americans show more interest in American Idol than on the senseless, murderous carnage our country is inflicting on the world. How many children will die before enough of us will cut off the boob tube and stand up with raised voices?

The Democrats continue to act spineless and amoral. Power and money has the potential to corrupt the Democratic party in the same way it corrupted the Republican party. The corporations are throwing money into the next election to buy off the party in power.... so America will continue to waste her wealth and resources on war machines, war munitions, and providing benefits to the wealthy.

Meanwhile more troops die and make continued sacrifices, American infrastructure grows weaker, our jobs are exported, millions of Americans die under the current profit motivated health industry....We voted for change and then we hear that Nancy Pelosi and Charlie Rangel have made a Deal with George Bush and the Neocons to push a secret, immoral Free Trade Agreement through Congress that will result in more lost American jobs.

What if anyone speaks out and protest the Democrats who sell us out? It looks like the party is trying the Republican strategy of attacking those speaking out with conscience instead of allowing the debate to occur. They've already attacked Cindy Sheehan and MoveOn.org. We don’t need Democrats to emulate the worst of the Republicans do we?

I’m an independent. I’ve volunteered and supported Democratic candidates but I am no longer willing to settle for the lesser of the two evils. I will support those who appear worthy of my support but if you sell me out don’t count on my continued support

This independent wants campaign finance reform, public airwaves that provide candidates the airtime for debates, dialogue and questions from the audience so the best (not the wealthiest and corrupt) candidates can come forth. I want instant run off voting so that I will have real choices when I vote in elections….and I demand electronic voting be abolished and the Justice Dept. enforce the voting rights laws so stealing the White House (2x) and Congressional seats will stop with Bush and Rove.

I still have hope and faith in a few Democrats…..Russ Feingold and Dennis Kucinich top my list. I retain hope that Jim Webb cannot be bought and that other newly elected Democrats will continue to represent their constituents as promised. (We should know by September where the Democrats in Congress stand.) I see that there are still a few good folks left in the Republican party….Ron Paul is talking sense…so the Republican party is trying to ban him from their debates. Olympia Snowe of Maine has fought against the telecommunications money to support web neutrality. I will continue to give credit where credit is due.

Blind allegiance to either party is not democratic. The party is here to serve the people NOT vice versa. It seems that too many Americans have lost sight of standing up for themselves, their families, and their friends.

I hope enough Democrats and Independents will stand firm and Publicly Demonstrate their Attitude--PDA--against the latest Democratic atrocity so that they will alter their course and not sell us out with that corrupt Fair Trade Agreement, or the COPE act, nor allow any more money to be wasted on the murderous illegal rampage that Bush started in Iraq. Unfortunately, the Democrats have left a solid opening for Cheney and his mischief makers to escalate the middle east crisis.

Recent Congressional testimony has provided the evidence that Gonzalez, Bush, Rove, and Cheney have most likely broken laws. It is now Congress's duty to hold these law breakers accountable. Independent investigations and impeachment hearings should already have begun. We need to demand that Congress uphold our Constitution and the rule of law. Everyone is to be held accountable....no one is above the law.

Let’s demand they start independent investigations and put impeach back on the table asap. The Democrats need to show us that they are not going to continue the corrupt status quo that the Republicans have brought to a fine art in the last decades…..

But the Democrats will have to prove themselves if they hope to sway independents…and if they don’t want to lose large numbers of Democrats…There are too many of us who are no longer willing to settle. If the Democratic party proves corrupt and not reformable we will create a new party and/or an alternative system. The corrupt system that is in place is taxation without representation. I won't allow my taxes to continue to be wasted on the military industrial complex and perks for the wealthy corporate elitists.

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