Thursday, May 24, 2007

Today It Is CRUCIAL That We Spend Five Minutes.....

If we never do another political action in our lives….please take the time today to call and let your Senators know that we don’t want them to give Bush and Cheney a blank check to continue their disastrous course in Iraq…unabated. Phone calls to your Senators today maybe the most important thing you can do for your country and the next generation. Let them know to vote NO on the current bi-partisan war funding bill that basically provides Bush/Cheney a blank check to continue to act irresponsibly in Iraq. Following up the phone call with an email via Working Assets may also help. ….Then if you'd like to treat yourself for doing a good thing for your family, your community and your country...take the rest of the month off…guilt free and enjoy your Memorial Day.

Many of us thought we would be able to take back our country via the Democratic party. If the Democratic leadership REFUSES to listen to their constituents then the party is as contaminated as the Republican party and beyond hope. Then we will need to desert BOTH parties and draw up another strategy….Independents AND Democrats need to let the Democratic party know that they cannot sell us out and expect us to continue to support anyone who sells us out so easily.

Today, we need to call ALL our elected officials (Republican and Democratic) and ask that they not allow Bush and Cheney to continue to conduct their imperial wars with no accountability and responsibility. Democratic party members should take the extra step and contact the democratic leaders—Reid and Pelosi—let them know how angry you are that they are choosing to sell us out after only five months. I plan to call them as an independent and let them know I won't vote or offer any future monetary or volunteer support for a party that refuses to honestly represent their constituents.

Instead of following the wishes of 70 percent of Americans who went to the polls and clearly stated that Bush and Cheney’s approach to the Iraq War needed to be changed and made accountable….Reid and Pelosi are choosing to throw in the towel and surrender. Why? Bush simply had another one of his childish, rich frat boy temper tantrums...what backroom deal are these two democratic leaders making? The same one that Joe Lieberman made?

The Democrats need to continue to pass RESPONSIBLE war funding legislation that has strong accountability measures. Otherwise, there should be no more blank check war funding for Bush and Cheney. Don't the Democrats understand this is precisely why 70 percent of us wanted the "Republican rubber stamps" out of congress?

Please call your representatives AND REID AND PELOSI and let them know they are not only selling us out but the party will lose each and every one of us if it insists on carrying through with this madness. Bi-partisanship does NOT mean giving Bush and Cheney blank check to continue this war through the rest of his presidency on his terms. They are simply selling out the troops and us.

I will be adding another message to my Senators, Reid, Pelosi (and my house representative) my phone calls and emails. ….STOP USING THE TROOPS TO EXCUSE FUNDING THIS WAR AND SENDING THEM TO THEIR DEATHS. I have no problem with funding the troops....which means money for their full 3.5% pay raise, first rate body armor (dragonskin), and funding for health care and education. Unlike Congress, the American people understand the difference between funding the troops and funding the war. (The Bush/Cheney administration should be ashamed; they use the message to “fund the troops” message to get money for their war while they cut real funds that actually do benefit the troops such as health benefits or the upcoming pay raise. The Democrats need to call Bush/Cheney out and be truthful about what is troop funding and what is war funding. I am sick and tired of politicians USING our troops in their political spin to get things that don't directly benefit our troops!!!)

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