Friday, June 22, 2007

America is SICKO....BUT there's a cure!!

The cure is a national single payee insurance system....we have to wipe out corporate profit and greed from the equation to insure a system that will give all Americans Quality health care.

There is no reason to wait any longer.....Don't agree to support any candidate for any office until they have pledged to work and vote for a national single payee health insurance system so that ALL Americans can get health care that is of better quality than what we currently enjoy...Corporate greed has made our system the most expensive in the world....and yet our quality of care suffers....we are 37th in the world as far as quality of health care.

Don't let the corporate ad barrage that is coming continue to "hoodwink"'s in YOUR best interest to eliminate the corporate profiteers from our health care system.

Kudos to Dennis Kucinich for his stand on this important issue....If Kucinich ends up being the only candidate for sane health care....well he will end up with my vote...and I REFUSE to vote for any candidate who will not endorse this policy....

Check it out.....

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