Friday, June 22, 2007

Tricky Dick Cheney....The War Profiteer

Since the Corporate Media did not report this you may not know that Dick Cheney made 3,000 percent on his Haliburton investments last year. (Source)

Cheney deserves the name "Tricky Dick." He profits from wars without the sacrifice. He's never served in our armed forces....because he had "better things to do."

We "hear" that Tricky Dick Cheney is giving all these profits to charity.
But his Haliburton stock has not been given to any charity.

I bet Tricky Dick Cheney is planning on giving the dividends from his stocks to charities during his vice presidential "reign." However, once he's out of office , the stock is in his name to do what he wishes...sell it and/or transfer some to his heirs....and the bulk of the profits is the stock itself....not the dividends.

It's no wonder that Tricky Dick wants to start a war with Iran ASAP....why stop with only a 3,000 percent profit for 2007 when there's much more money to be made? This war profiteering is a gravy train for the Republican corporate elitists....

When will we ever learn? They use misplaced patriotism for ill begotten gains.

There's so much illegal activity stemming from Tricky Dick's office....How can any self-respecting congressman vote against impeaching Tricky Dick? But corporate owned congressman will vote to protect Tricky Dick.

The question you need to my elected official self-respecting or corporate owned? That will be a key question for 2008 for both Democratic and Republican candidates....


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