Tuesday, June 26, 2007

CBS Evening News LIED ABOUT Michael Moore's Sicko

FAIR--Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting--reports that CBS evening news put it's own inaccurate spin on it's coverage of Sicko, Michael Moore's documentary on the atrocities inherent in America's health care system. I prefer to call this spin an outright lie...it's propaganda to protect it's advertisers--the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries.

CBS reported that Americans do not favor a single payee government run national health insurance system. The fact is that 64% of Americans want such a system and 60% of Americans are willing to pay higher taxes in order to obtain it.

CGS also reported that no presidential candidates are in support of a government run single payee national health insurance system. This is also FALSE. Democratic contender Dennis Kucinich is openly campaigning in support of a single payee system.

I believe CBS is more interested in catering to it's pharmaceutical and health insurance advertisers than accurately reporting the news in the public interest. There should be a law against corporate media intentionaly producing lies and propaganda and the law should insure that such mistakes are corrected.

In the meantime what can you do? Contact CBS...call them on their "spinning" the facts upside down and request that they quickly and prominently correct their false news coverage.

CBS Evening News
(212) 975-3691

Also send your comments to CBS Public Eye:

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Star Womanspirit said...

okay folks....I've written AND called CBS evening news, Senator Jim Webb, Rep. Bobby Scott, AND the FCC about this matter....(I asked my elected officials to think about legislation to help offset media lies and propaganda AND to support legislation to create a government run single payee health insurance system....I asked the FCC to investigate and insure that CBS evening news correct this false news report....I also asked the FCC to consider regulations that would correct the current climate of unchecked media propaganda in news reporti.

Hopefully, some of you will also be inspired to take action on this important bipartisan issue.