Thursday, June 28, 2007

CNN joins Media Propaganda Campaign against Universal Health Care

CNN has repeated the lie that NO presidential candidate supports National Health Care for all. It's not difficult to predict that the corporate media will continue to spew news reports with a distinct corporate bias in favor of the insurance and pharmaceutical multinational corporations.

Have they no shame?

The issue of health care and how it fails ALL Americans (even those who "think" they are protected with their insurance policies) is getting ready to hit the national stage. This bipartisan issue has the potential to unite the American people and create a change that is long overdue in our health care system. Hopefully, this time Americans will act in their own best interests and INSIST that the candidate they choose to support will commit to solving our health care crisis once and for all.....with a national single payee system that covers everyone.

But the media and "our" public airwaves will continue to be used against us. After all, it is not illegal for corporate news to lie about the facts and spread propaganda.....It's time to stop watching corporate news that works against us.

Here's the source.

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