Saturday, July 14, 2007

Better Late Than Never John Warner

John Warner exemplifies the extremes that better late than never can take. I'm still upset that he never fulfilled his promise to hold hearings on the torture policy.

But Warner is taking a baby step away from the President who thinks he's a King with the Warner- Lugar Iraq Amendment. Hopefully Warner will be able to influence Sen. Spector (R-PA) to join him....then maybe they can start to walk their own walk and lead this Republican party to a more moderate and conservative stance and lessen the right wing neo-con extremists' choke hold on our country.

Better yet....Take a giant step and support the troops by agreeing to co-sponsor the Webb Amendment Senator Warner. Maybe then you will receive enough feedback to realize you need to vote for a date to withdraw the troops so we can "heal" our military and prepare for a new commander-in-chief to launch an effective and competent war on terrorism that is based on truth not delusional lies....


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