Saturday, July 14, 2007

Bush continues with the Nepotism....

Bush continues the nepotism in the face of public criticism of his Presidential performance . It makes sense if you are aware that Bush rules like he's a Saudi king and can not lead as a U.S. President!

In the latest appointment of nepotism, Bush is sending his nephew, George Prescott Bush, to be part of the U.S. delegation at the Pan American games, despite the total lack of experience and qualifications for such an endeavor. G. P. Bush has no diplomatic nor athletic experience. (Source)

Wouldn't my tax dollars be better spent sending a qualified American citizen who is an athlete to be part of this delegation? Why should a wealthy Bush relative get some free jet setting vacation at my expense?

Maybe Bush is trying to set his nephew up to get some "experience" on his resume since the Republican neo-cons see this nephew as "their" version of John F. Kennedy Jr. He's allegedly handsome and a "heart throb." (Source) (But he's no John Kennedy!)

So don't fall too fast for the wealth and the looks, young Republican women. It appears that George P. Bush has a police record. He broke into the window of the bedroom of a former girlfriend, argued with the girl's father, fled the scene, and then returned to run over the family's yard in his Ford Expedition. What makes this really "creepy" is this was no juvenile incident occurring during the high school years.....This occurred while George P. Bush was a Rice University student. It must be a Bush family tradition to teach the Bush children that they can get away with breaking the laws if they belong to the Bush Royal Family? (Source)

Wonder if the family will make sure his police record is buried when this one decides to run for office?

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