Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Joe Blow Hard Lieberman is at it again..

Joseph Lieberman is at it again....blowing hard on the trumpet for Tricky Dick Cheney and George Bush. Spreading an outright propagandistic lie across our land....According to Joe Blow Hard....Iran is intent on attacking America.

I can imagine how an ordinary citizen apeaking such nonsense might end up on a psychiatric ward for an assessment. How has Joe Lieberman and his pals--Tricky Dick and George--managed to escape a psychological assessment for so long?

In the meantime I feel sorry for the CT citizenry. They must be embarrassed...in the same way any educated citizenry would be embarrassed. In the same way, many Virginians were embarrassed by our former Senator George Allen. If someone from CT is not embarrassed by Joe Lieberman...then, I'm embarrassed for you.

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Mac said...

This is "Little Joey the Chicken Hawk" Lieberman, to use his proper Mafia, war-pimp name.