Friday, July 20, 2007

Media Watch--CNN

Now that we know CNN understands the concept of fact checking....they did "fact check" Michael Moore's Sicko movie....Viola they only got two facts wrong in their report and CNN has now concluded that all the facts in the Sicko movie are correct.

So why doesn't CNN FACT CHECK the spin that the White House is spewing concerning the latest NIE--National Intelligence Evaluation--report? Things look bad in Iraq...but the White House is confusing the facts and this is confusing the average American citizen.

I bet the average American citizen does not know that al-Qaeda comprises only 2-5% of the opposition forces our soldiers are fighting in Iraq. And Bush, Cheney, et al do NOT want the average American to know that the MAJORITY of FOREIGN Fighters in Iraq fighting US soldiers are from Saudi Arabia, allegedly an American ally. In fact Saudi Arabia has done more to fight our soldiers than anyone else (and this includes Iran).

Personally I'm sick of the Bush/Cheney lies and the fact that they are getting richer and sacrificing nothing over this war.

When will the media report that VP Cheney made a 3,000 percent profit on his Halliburton stock options last year? In one year for every $1,000 Cheney invested he got a return of $3,000,000. No wonder Cheney is dead set on invading Iran.

When will the media get to work, stop broadcasting the White House propaganda and start doing some basic Fact Checking where it counts.....on people in power?


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