Sunday, July 29, 2007

Media Watch---Please FACT CHECK

When will the corporate media allow journalists and reporters to do their jobs? The job starts with FACT CHECKING....The Republicans are dispersing a bunch of talking points that are FALSE...and the corporate media is once again becoming a fascist neo-con propaganda machine...simply reporting false accusations.

1--The White House wants the Democratic Congress labeled a "do nothing"'s the Republican party who are putting the brakes on legislative activities. IF Congress does pass a decent bill King George is threatening to VETO.

2--The White House is reporting PROGRESS with the Bush Surge. FALSE--Insurgent attacks are higher now than they were pre-surge...and the Iraqi government has not met a single bench mark. The White House desperately wants the American people to think progress is being made so they can continue this war. The White House is already acting like the September deadline means nothing....They want another "new" deadline set for Spring. Once again the same old spin just to keep this war going on and on and on....while the American people continue to die and go heavier and heavier into death. And for what? So George Bush and Dick Cheney can save face and continue to collect war time profits for themselves and their cronies?

3--The White House is still itching to attack Iran so they continue to state that Iran is "meddling" in Iraq's affairs. This is partially true. However, they do not mention that the BIGGEST MEDDLER are Bush and Cheney's favorite Middle East nation--Saudi Arabia. The Saudi's are increasing their support (with manpower and material support) of the Sunni's....the very insurgents attacking our troops on a daily basis. In addition, the Bush White House has just discovered a Saudi bank and a Saudi family financing Al Qaeda...and they have decided to do nothing about it. Yet with the latest Bush executive order they will immediately confiscate an American citizen's property and cash assets if Bush thinks they are subverting the Iraqi war effort. And now Bush and Cheney want to sell the Saudi's more military hardware....military hardware that "could" make it's way into Iraq and be used against our troops. Heckuva job Bushie.

The corporate media has shown that all it will do is spread propaganda. The corporate media helped us get into this war with propaganda and they are going to continue the propaganda to keep us in this war....

So American's need to continue to shout out to the Congress to SUPPORT OUR TROOPS AND STOP THE WAR NOW!!

When you want factual news check out where you can access the daily report via video, audio, or transcripts. And of course, continue to check out "reputable blogs." Beware that the neo-cons have recently begun an onslaught into the blogosphere and are now supplying talking points to various right wing blogs.....They continue to believe the endless repetition will once again sell falsehoods as truth to the American people.

Please don't drink the Kool Aid folks. Remember that recent history shows that if the White House is making a statement it is probably false......don't believe anything unless you fact check it yourself.


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