Friday, August 31, 2007

Prevent a Major Disaster!! ACT NOW

There they go again….It’s an instant replay of the same plan of action that got us all stuck in the Iraq quagmire.

Bush, Cheney and their “pundits” in the corporate media and in the ultra conservative think tanks have taken to dominating the airwaves with their “cherry picked” intelligence to pave the way for invading Iran.

Once again it’s nothing but LIES heaped upon LIES.

Fact—the MAJORITY of middle east foreign experts state that it would be a huge mistake for the United States to launch an illegal invasion on Iraq. You can find some of these experts here.

Up till now it’s been the neocons and their supporters are the ones with blood soaked hands. They have been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi’s and thousands of American troops on their hands. If this Iran attack is launched there will be many more deaths piled on top of this and the terrorist attacks against the U.S. will increase not decrease.

However, IF the American public allows an illegal Iran invasion to take place the rest of the world will not make a distinction between the Bush Cabal and the American public. We no longer have the excuse that we did not know. Bush, Cheney, and the corporate media pundits fooled us to support an illegal invasion of Iraq….but if we are fooled “twice” by the exact same tactics then the rest of the world will see Americans as responsible for the actions of our government.

If you think America has problems illegal invasion of Iran will make the Iraq invasion pale by comparison. (It would be like say, invading Rhode Island.) America will face more serious consequences if the madmen in the White House are allowed to continue this disastrous course to invade Iran. The Bush Cheney plan to invade Iran is a disaster. Fury will be unleashed on our poor troops in Iraq AND terrorist attacks against the U.S. will increase. There is no way that invading Iran will make a single American safer. (Though it will make the war profiteers and oil companies richer...once again at the expense of the American taxpayer.)

You have the power to prevent a major disaster like this country has never known before. Don’t be complicit in the war crimes of Bush and Cheney…. Do it for your family, your friends, your community....Take a stand and speak out loudly, firmly, and clearly.

It will take only a few minutes of your time to contact your senator and representative and DEMAND that Congress insure that Bush and Cheney cannot invade Iran without Congressional approval. Ask them to support Senator Jim Webb’s legislation forcing the White House to get Congressional approval before they launch another illegal attack on another nation. (Note: Webb's legislation does not prevent Bush from acting in “self-defense.” But a war or an illegal invasion should not occur unless Congress is willing to support it.)

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