Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Elephant In The Room:Kevin McPadden, 9/11-1st Responder


The books have not closed on 9/11, not by a long shot. There are actually more unanswered questions than ever before, and new contradictions pop up weekly. For instance, note this video, which throws a monkey wrench into all the official protestations that there was not, not, not any controlled demolition at WTC7, you know, the building that just went swisshh and collapsed on the afternoon of 9/11. That was not too long after Larry Silverstein issued his famous "pull it" statement.

"Pull it" means only one thing in demolition parlance: take the building down. Larry later said he meant, "pull the firefighters", although they were apparently largely out of the building anyway. What followed was one of the worst cases of identity-theft in history, a building collapse trying to look just like a controlled demolition without actually being one, or so we are told. But this video puts us right back to square one. BOOOOMM!


Harold said...

Why did Kevin McPadden wait so long to tell his story about WTC7 demolition? Raises doubts...though, despite his eyewitness account, I am convinced building was "pulled" - ditto for the Towers!

Mac said...

Actually, he started talking about it right away, but his superiors told him to shut up. He had nowhere to turn for quite a long time, until the 9/11 Truth Movement started creating a space for people to speak out. Check out:

for more info on him.