Monday, September 17, 2007

Police Harrassment in Norfolk VA

If you are white and still believe that racism is a "thing of the past" I invite you to watch this video. This is something that occurs time and again throughout America in black communities. I have never witnessed such an event in a white neighborhood. People should not have to tolerate such behavior from public servants who are supposed to be our "peace keepers."

Police actions such as these tarnish what the police should stand for. We always hear how citizens should "respect" police officers. When police officers act like bullies it creates fear and anger....not respect.

It should be noted that it was a hot day....for citizens to be stuffed into a car with the windows up and no air conditioning is abusive if not torture. It is even more infuriating when the citizens are "law abiding" and stopped for no reason (except the color of their skin and the neighborhood they live in.) Police are often asked to arrest people who leave their pets in a hot car with the windows rolled up.

I hear that the last Norfolk City Council was "very interesting." Members of the black community were there to complain about the police harassment. Members of the white community also showed up wearing guns on their hips. It seems that the Norfolk police harassed a white man in Norfolk who was wearing a gun on his hip. (Virginia law now allows a handgun to be carried as long as it is not concealed.) The white man with a gun brought others to "support" him at the meeting. It is said that Norfolk City Council was never "adjourned" but that the city council members simply got up and left...leaving angry citizens both black and white. The citizens remained and had a citizens discussion about the Norfolk Police Force and their "bosses" the Norfolk City Council.

Maybe in the next council race some "real citizens" who actually live in the city of Norfolk will step forward to run for the City Council. It would be refreshing to see the citizens of Norfolk instead of developers and big business corporations represented for a change.

H/T to Alma Kessling and Alton Robinson, two Norfolk citizens who care about their city and its people.


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