Wednesday, October 03, 2007

MIT Engineer Jeff King on 9/11

(source) Note the sharp 45 degree cut, with molten slag, on the massive steel column in the far background. Quite a glaring contradiction to the official theory that the Twin Towers simply collapsed spontaneously from fire and impact. This had to have been quite a talented cataclysm to make such a neat cut. Any steel worker or demolition expert will immediately recognize that such a cut in steel could only be made with some kind of torch or other method that can produce intense, sharply focused heat and energy, leaving the tell-tale slag. But this steel is way too thick for a torch. That leaves one other obvious suspect: a shaped cutter-charge.


There is a myth out there in the mainstream media that there is a consensus among engineers and architects that the official 9/11 Commission-NIST-FEMA reports, which state that fire and plane impact brought down the Twin Towers, closes the book on the subject.

Nothing could be farther from the truth! As I write, there are now at least 186 engineering and architectural professionals who officially reject the official theory. (Reference)

Jeff King, an engineer from MIT who is one of them, recently gave a powerful presentation at a forum on 9/11. Here is a You Tube video capturing a ten minute excerpt: see video

You can find this one and 151 others at 911triumph. And there are many other sites. Thousands of people have been pouring over all the available evidence in attempts to reconstruct what really happened.

Of course the government, which wisked away all the crime scene evidence in a matter of days, is also holding on to even more evidence, lots of it, and refusing to release it. Even so, enough is known now to demand a new, independent investigation. America will never be whole again until all the truth comes out.

On that fateful day, September 11, 2001 the country turned down the path of fear, a path that ultimately leads to the lowest pit of Hell if you continue down it long enough.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for running Jeff's video.
It amazes me that cheney et al are still running around free after all this time. They really understand how the American mind works. The public are more willing to believe that the laws of physics and chemistry can be violated than believe that their government is lying to them.This fascinates me even more than the possible reasons for the collapses.