Thursday, October 25, 2007

Photos of the Blackwater Protest at Moyock, NC

A hardy coalition of peace and justice activists took on Blackwater USA Saturday, Oct 20, 2007 at their world headquarters, outraged by a long history of bloody incidents in Iraq and Afghanistan and culminating in the Nisour Square massacre in Baghdad on Sept 16. I posted a news item a few days ago on Mosquito Blog which you can check out later for more information.

Meanwhile, independent photographer Joe Filipowski sent me a CD full of photos of the Blackwater Protest in Moyock last Saturday, with the request that I get them out to the public, so I have been doing that. I took some 80 plus of his best photos and loaded them on my Kodak Gallery space for everyone's perusal, but I thought I would show you a few of them here at Mosquito Blog to twik your interest. You can follow them up via the link to the rest of the photos at the bottom of this post.

To briefly summarize, there were protesters outside of the Blackwater entrance along both sides of the roadway and bleeding onto a nearby city street. There was a guerilla theater partial reenactment of the Nisour Square massacre, and there were seven arrests of activists who quietly chose to practice civil disobedience. The police were pretty cool about this and the whole event went off very successfully.

There was local and Virginia coverage of the protest, with some independent media types joining in, or protesters simply being their own media journalists and photographers. The message got out that there is very vocal resistance on both coasts now to Blackwater's martial ambitions and violence.

You can see the rest of Joe's photos by clicking here . You don't have to sign in, just go to "view slideshow".

It is hoped that this protest will serve as an inspiration to others who are challenging the government/corporate war machine that is devastating humanity and the planet.


Texian said...

I really find it hard to believe that there has NOT been one comment in more than 2 months now!

For daily updates, go to ... ... where I just recently began editing the site there.


Mosquito said...

We get more traffic than comments...which is both positive and negative. Positive in that we get to spend more time writing rather than commenting and negative in the fact that feedback is nice.....Thanks for stopping by texian.

Anonymous said...

I just found out about Blackwater the other day. I have been busy researching the Constitutation , The STUPID NAFTA superhighway, state militias that are popping up all over, There are just so many things going on.
It's horrid!!!

WE are the united States of American, with each state soverign and independant but always linked to the other states in times of need.
This is a time when it doesn't matter If you or rich or poor, black or white,colleged educated or high school dropout.
United We Stand, Divided we fall.
It seems that the main stream media fails to report any of the real issues and our pre picked presidental canidates are of no help. they all sit on the Council Of Foreign relations.
If we do not unite and demand our constitution be restored, We are Doomed.
We need a million man, woman, and child march.
Remeber the goverment is our servants and should be fearful of the people. Not the other way around.
I am sick of watching people get tasered, beaaten, and jailed.
For their 1st admendment rights.
One being Freedom of speech.
There is No Such Thing as "Free Speech Zones"
Let not poltics divide us by using race, religion, and fear of a unknown evil. That's what they want.
Let us stand together, all of the sovergin states and people.
We stand as one voice, united, They fall.
Question is...
How much longer are people going to be kept in the blind or even people that know, what will it take for us to unite as did our forefathers????

Angry Mom from NC.
All I can say is from a famous quote..
"Give me Liberty(Freedom) or Give me Death"
We have the God given right to pursure Life, liberty, and the pursiut of happiness. We have a right to protect our property. We have a right to protect ecah other andother fellow citzens from any emney forgien or dosmestic..
Forgive my spelling, I am just very ticked and sad.

Texian said...

There are way too MANY different "actions" being taken AGAINST the common good and welfare, not to mention security, of the American people as a whole that it is just literally overwhelming to most. We are fighting back against the NAFTA superhighway here and are making headway. By the end of the year it should be a slain serpent that is intended to weave it's way through our Nation, connecting communist's with socialist's right in front of our own faces!

Anonymous said...

Everyone is like, "What about the children?!" Have you ever thought, that these people in Iraq put those children there to make us feel horrible for attempting to protect those of us who believe in free speech along with other issues they see as immoral? One blogger said it when they quoted, "United we stand divided we fall." Has anyone ever thought of the fact that these people know this and are dividing the greatest nation on Earth? I am a mother of two beautiful kids, and I think it horrid that anyone would put a child in such an environment. If you don't believe in the ways that we have here in America, then stay the heck out and leave us alone. We definately do not go to their country and start wars with them because we think their ways are wrong, no we leave them alone. Tell me, were any of you thinking this way on 9/11? Or the bombing in Oklahoma? It is what we do know that gives you that awsome opportunity to voice your disapproval of war and the bad things that go on during those times. Be greatful that there are some who'll die so you can say what you want. I feel like saying, "Your disapproval is dually noted, now sit down and be quiet while we protect that right that you are now utilizing!" I don't like war either, but I sure won't stand around while someone goes killing off my fellow countrymen! I've always been taught to never throw the first punch, only defend yourself, which is what we are doing here. This country lets anyone come here and become a citizen, and I am proud of that, my mother was an immagrant. They come in under false pretenses, and like a cancer begin killing us off from the inside, even turning our own citizens against us.