Thursday, October 25, 2007

Surprise--Fox News Faking the News yet again...

Think Progress broke this story on how Fox News used a old FBI memo (neglecting to tell it's viewers the memo was from four years ago) to "connect" the California fires to Al Qaeda. Fox News continues to stay on the Republican "shock and awe" script. If the Republicans can keep
Americans shocked and awed like deer in the headlights they can continue to allow their corporate cronies to rob our National Treasury AND dismantle our rights and our constitution.

Is there anyone out there (besides "charles) who will admit they depend on Fox News to keep them informed?

Thanks to Think Progress for the h/t you can also view the Fox transcript there.



Charles said...

Actually, I never said I depend on Fox News to keep me informed.

And in fact, I rarely watch Fox news. I rarely watch their shows either, although I sometimes catch their media critique show, or the last 15 minutes of special report.

And I'll tune in if there is a a guest I'm interested in (but that's true of all the cable news).

All I did was note that your post had no substance, and that the video shown was accurate and the poster did nothing more than childish name-calling, juvenile jokes, and a bit of race-sex-baiting.

As to the substance of this post, what makes you think that intelligence from four years ago is inapplicable? You think the terrorists have changed all their tactics in the last four years?

The terrorists tried to hijack planes and fly them into things in 1995. Do you think if someone had mentioned THAT in summer of 2001, it would have been "fake news"?

The government is quick to say things aren't "terrorist acts", even when they are. After I experienced the Cedar fires in 2003, I thought it would be an easy and visible method for Al Qaeda. So far as I can tell (from just watching the video presented), Fox didn't claim proof Al Qaeda lit the fires.

Frankly, I think anybody who depends solely on ANY single TV news outlet to keep them informed would be making a mistake, as would anybody who gets their facts from ThinkProgress.

Mosquito said...

Charles...Please don't forget that Fos News was DISHONEST in their reporting and failed to let their viewers know that the intelligence was four rears old. A fact they should have been well aware of if they used this "intelligence" in their report.

It's hard to "apply" this intelligence to the current situation (besides the age of it) due to the fact that the alleged terrorist scheme was for the fires to be set simultaneously across several states.

What is truly scarey is how the "terrorist" label has become so expanded it could be applied to so many situations (like the California fires) and so many people. Our government has already applied this label to activists within animal rights and the environmental movement.

It makes me think that possibly Martin Luther King and definitely Malcom X would be labeled "terrorists" if they were activists in today's climate.

What makes this country so great is our FREEDOM to think, believe, and to take action. Our democracy is being whittled away in a country that is becoming more fear based everyday. It's no longer what you have done that counts but what you are capable of doing. Since everyone is capable of doing anything using that criteria certainly wipes out freedom doesn't it? Yet the neocon Republicans advocate this starting with President Bush.

Sorry I'm getting to this so late Charles but I just saw your comment.