Saturday, October 27, 2007

Quote for the Day from an American Soldier

The American people don't fully realize what's going on, said Staff Sgt. Richard McClary, 27, a section leader from Buffalo.

"They just know back there what the higher-ups here tell them. But the higher-ups don't go anywhere, and actually they only go to the safe places, places with a little bit of gunfire," he said. "They don't ever [expletive] see what we see on the ground." (Source)

Reminds me of when Lindsay Graham tried to use his "guided tour" in Iraq as "proof" to show "progress" in the Iraq occupation. Jim Webb appropriately labelled Graham's "guided tour" as a "dog and pony show." Our experienced troops know what's really going on. That's why when we have an election the U.S. Government doesn't do what needs to be done to insure that our troops votes are counted! In fact the extremists Republican party actually sends mail to the home of troops stationed in Iraq with a "do not forward" so they can "challenge and eliminate" the vote of that soldier.

The Republican party has a funny way of showing their gratitude for our troops.


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