Monday, October 29, 2007

Stand Up To The Decider(s)

When we got out the vote and elected "our" Democratic Congress to stand up to "The Decider" in the White House none of us imagined that the Washington Dems would create two additional "Deciders" to counter what the people have clearly stated they wanted. Harry Reid is "deciding" for the Senate and Nancy Pelosi for the House. No wonder Congressional ratings in the polls are so low!

Yes the Republican Bloc in Congress is the main reason for the low polls, but the second reason for low poll ratings are these two additional "Deciders."

Harry Reid had "decided" that the giant, powerful telecoms are "above the law" and should not have to face their day in court. The voters are disgusted with the way the rule of law has been thrown away in this country. It's gotten to the point that the "rule of law" only applies to the middle and lower classes in this country....with a token elected official thrown into the mix occasionally.

Why should the most powerful institution in our country--the multinational corporations--be exempt from the law? There is currently a court case pending. Harry Reid you need to let the judicial branch do its job.

Hopefully, all of Virginia's elected officials--both Democrats and Republicans--will stand up to The Deciders and faithfully represent their constituents....not the powerful corporate lobbyists who have lots of money trying to buy "our" elected officials.

The "people" have made it very clear....we want our rule of law restored and our constitution protected. Hopefully we will all be able to contacting our Senators and our house representatives to remind them of that "our" constitution and the rule of law is the basic foundation of the democracy we treasure so highly. Buzz....Buzz.....

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