Saturday, November 03, 2007


Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) and Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) will join the Republicans and support George Bush’s sorry choice for attorney general. According to Feinstein and Schumer, the Justice Dept. is in desperate need of leadership.

It’s true...the Justice Department is in desperate need of leadership. Appointing another Roberto Gonzalez clone will not provide leadership. Mukasey will not stop torture nor will he hold the Bush Administration accountable under American Law or our Constitution. The vote stealing will continue and who knows who they'll pick for our next President? So why would any self-respecting Democrat vote to nominate another Gonzalez type of Attorney General? I'm starting to think that maybe Cheney and Bush have kept this Congress under illegal surveillance. Maybe they have now "got something" on Feinstein and Schumer so they can manipulate their votes?

The American people are in desperate need of Congressional leadership. We are sick of a Congress that caves into this childish, insane President every time he has a temper tantrum in order to get his way. So what if the Justice Dept did not have a Senate confirmed leader? What’s worst is having a Congress that will not do it’s job and stand up to this president.

Besides, if Bush wants Muskasey so much....just tell Bush NO....He'll be sure to make one of his infamous interim appointments the next time Congress takes a break.

I hope the voters in New York and California find replacements for Feinstein and Schumer….California voters could really go the extra mile and replace the new Decider Nancy Pelosi while they are at it.

Nevada voters should take vote for another Democrat to take Sen. Harry Reid’s seat.

We need to let the Democratic party know that they cannot act like the Republican leaders and get away with it.

We, the people need to take a strong stand and DEMAND that the Democratic party represent us. We desperately NEED at least two opposing parties in this country. We don ‘t need a radical Republican party and a Republican Lite party in Congress.

It’s Democrats like Feinstein, Schumer, Reid, and Pelosi are exactly WHY I am committed to remaining an independent. Don’t take our votes for granted or 2008 will send you a message that Republican Lite is NOT something we will settle for.


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