Sunday, November 18, 2007

More than a Quote of the Week

This is the Quote that also applies to the Bush/Cheney Era....

"The impressive thing about the German phenomenon is that one man, who is obviously "possessed," haa infected a whole nation to such an extent that everything is set in motion and has started rolling on its course towards perdition." 388, Vol. 10 of The Collected Works of C.G.Jung

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Mac said...

Poor Wotan (Odin) gets abused too much. He was an All-Father Sky God much like Zeus, not really a sinister guy.

The Nazis weren't really pagans, so much as they were Occultists (key Nazi ideolgues were members of the occult Thule Society). They were usually also Catholics and Protestants (God and the Devil dichotomy inside). But they were also usually repressed, psychically split Christians with the collective dark shadow that Jung talks about.

Reich, who treated thousands of Germans for sexual disfunction, realized that sexual repression is systemic in patriarchal civilization, and the repressed sexual energy easily channeled into Fascist movements. The Nazi Movement became a new, quasi-religion in Germany, complete with rituals and ceremonies, but it was a religion based on sadism, as opposed to a religion based on suffering and masochism. We have all read about the excesses of Christian monks who in the Middle Ages (some still do) flagellated themselves. Fascism is a step in the other direction, toward outward violence. It requires a scapegoat (the Jew, the Arab, the Moslem) whom Fascists project their "Satanic" side upon and literally attack, torture and destroy. It is sexual pathology on the psycho-somatic level.

The Swastika, Reich noted, is first and foremost a fertility symbol, the four legs actually a man and woman in sexual intercourse. This symbol had profound appeal in deeply religious Germany in the 20s and 30s, where compulsory sexual morality was heavily enforced by the Church.

Hitler's use of the Swastika attracted psychicaly repressed Germans in droves the way a picture of a glass of water attracts a man dying of thirst. But the Nazis were upholders of strict morality, not free love advocates, so they channelled Germans into supplementation of sexual energy through brutality, energy being released through the musculature. If you have ever witnessed someone being beaten up, there is definitely a great release of energy going on, often resulting in exhaustion for the attacker and some kind of release. Of course it is twisted, negative energy that resolves none of the inner angst, only temporarily relieving it while at the same time preverting the personality.

This is what was going on at Abu Graib too, even more obviously, with all the naked and hooded Iraqis. This is deeply sick stuff from a deeply sick, "civilization". The whole War on Terror is the manifestation of our current Fourth Reich phenomenum, partially driven by reactionary churches and synagogues, particularly the Apocalyptic rantings of psychotics like Tim LaHaye, who looks forward to rivers of blood five feet deep.