Friday, December 28, 2007

The MYTH of the Liberal Media with corrected links

IF you believe the corporate controlled media (and government) in this country is "liberal" then you should reassess this belief. Check out this Pink interview.

WHY won't U.S. media (radio and tv) play Pink's best work--Dear Mr. President? If some "so called" patriotic white boy country singer writes a song saying the USA is "red white and blue" wonderful for invading Iraq and killing a million people he gets to sing his "lousy" song and radio....and the songs of artists are hidden from us.

Jimmy Kimmel has earned my respect for inviting Pink to be on his show, sing this powerful song, andthen interviewing her to expose how the corporate media has shut her greatest song and her message out of the public arena. So much for freedom and the public airways that are supposed to be "owned" by us. The FCC white boys are paid by the US taxpayer but they work for the corporate media.

In crucial times such as this we need more artists and fewer "entertainers." I don't want to be "entertained." In these times, Americans need to recognize the atrocities and war crimes that George Bush is using our tax dollars to pay for.....

Thanks Mac for bringing back one of my fave tunes. Thanks Star for sharing this ...I did not know that the Indigo Girls played and sang with Pink on the recording of Dear Mr. President.

And just b/c the corporate media won't play this stuff it's up to "US" the people to support the artists (start ignoring the entertainers) and promote them every chance we get.

BTW, does anyone remember how Clear Channel corporate executives had to testify before Congressional hearings for blacklisting the Dixie Chicks? The Clear Channel executives apologized and then promised they wouldn't do this again....Well, Bruce Springsteens latest album is not getting any airplay on Clear Channel in spite of high volume sales.

So much for the Myth of the Liberal Media....BTW, why don't you take a moment and "think" about who promotes that Liberal Media myth so much....that's right....this "myth" was manufactured by the corporate media....

Thanks to Bluebear2 of Bluebear’s Magic Vault for the heads up on the messed up links….Buzz...Buzz...

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