Saturday, December 29, 2007

Wanted: Artists

H/T to Mac for this recent “talking about artists” thread….Tracy Chapman is one of my all time favorites….Our public airwaves should be sending us visionary voices to inspire us with hopeful energy....not the fearful, destructive hopelessness they are pushing down our throats hoping a large enough minority will remain willing to exchange freedom and choice so some rich white "Decider Daddy" can continue the current campaign of destruction and plunder. Colonized minds given limited parameters don't question (and therefore don't resist atrocities.)

I hope that Tracy Chapman will have some new songs for us soon. It will be “interesting” to see what she’ll have to say, “in these times….” But you will have to actively search for the visionary voices because the corporate media is promoting a different agenda. The corporate powers prefer to spread messages of fear, insecurity, and lies… it will be up to “US” to support the works of our artists….BTW, if you’ve never seen Tracy Chapman in concert try to make her next appearance here. The woman is FABULOUS!!!

I hope the organizers of the next big march in Washington will ask Pink and the Indigo Girls to come and sing Dear Mr. President….hopefully a bunch of people will be inspired to bring the words and sing this song as we march in D.C. We need to create our songs and utilize our own voices in these times.

Here’s another Chapman "oldie" but goodie:

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