Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Ridiculous VA Conservative Blog Statement

I was perusing VA blogs and came across this funny statement in a VA Conservative Blog:

According to one right wing blogger in the VA area "It Must Be Tuesday Al Gore says we are all gonna die." Now this writer acts as if the statement "we are all gonna die" is totally ridiculous.

But it's one of the few truths we can all count on.....each and every one of us is going to's one certainty we can all count on. Isn't that what makes the time we have here on Planet Earth so precious?

Who knows what happens next....death is something we won't know about definitively until we personally experience it. In the meantime our individual beliefs....that some sort of consciousness continues, or not, are what we live with.

But what's less ridiculous is that we have polluted our planet and hopefully enough people will rise to the responsibility of righting this wrong in this small window of time that we have where we can probably reverse our damage if we all unite and do it.

Worst case scenario--what if Global warming is a fluke and we clean up the Planet....At the very least, maybe we will be able to swim (as well as drink) from rivers that are currently so dirty that it's unhealthy to eat the fish that swim in them....and maybe the asthma that strikes so many children will decline....and maybe we will all end up healthier and living longer happier lives.

It puzzles me that some folks want to advocate that a few folks should continue to pollute the air, the water (even "own" the water that is vital to all life), the environment so a small percentage of folks can get even wealthier and bear no responsibility for their actions. No wonder all the world's major religions, including Christianity, label Greed a sin.

I've read all sorts of ridiculous statements over time in the right wing blogosphere...but this one was just too funny to ignore...


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You've been tagged for the 7 random things meme (because your blog references mosquitos).