Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Challenge to Bobby Scott and Rick Boucher

Sidebar: Don't forget that Cheney is the ultimate war profiteer (as well as an oil profiteer) one year alone (during his vice presidency) his Haliburton stock options earned him a 3,ooo % return....If Cheney only purchased a miserly 10,000 worth (highly unlikely) his profit on that would have been 30 million dollars. I wouldn't be surprised if his profit from Halliburton that year was more like 300 million dollars.

Wexler urges hearings on Cheney trial Let's Challenge Bobby Scott and Rick Boucher to join Wexler and protect our beloved constitution.

Why won’t House Democrats Bobby Scott (VA-3rd) and Rick Boucher (Va-9th) follow the example set by another House Democrat—Robert Wexler (FLA-19th)? Wexler polled his constituents and discovered that 61% favored impeaching Vice President Cheney.

Bobby Scott and Rick Boucher should poll their constituents on this matter. They might also include a part II and inquire about impeaching George Bush.

The Mosquito Blog folk believe the Democrats are IGNORING their constituents on major issues concerning impeachment, the Iraq War, civil rights, to name just a few points. The least they can do is poll us on this issue. Party politics is not what the American people want to continue in these treacherous times.

Why not borrow Wexler’s poll and insert the additional question on Bush and see what your constituents desire on this matter? This question will be coming before your committee very soon because Wexler is going to ask the Judiciary Committee to seriously look at impeaching Vice President Cheney.

Wexler believes that starting the impeachment process will increase the voice of the Democrats in other legislative matters that the Bush/Cheney Whitehouse has been blocking.

If you are a constituent of Scott or Boucher why not request that they run a poll to determine the wishes of their constituents? It’s definitely worth the effort. So take a moment this week and contact Bobby Scott or Rick Boucher. If you are particularly industrious you also might want to contact the Judiciary Committee and let them know you support the impeachment of Dick Cheney and/or George Bush.

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