Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Spain Cries Out, "Down With Santa!"

Spanish citizens and some Spanish retailers work to put the Christ back in Christmas. Spanish grafitti depicits Santa Clause as evil with slogans such as: Down With Santa, Down with the Fat Red Capitalist, Reindeers don't fly. Camels do walk. Enough already with the fraud. There is even a rap song with the line, ""anta — you think you're on the crest of the ola [wave], but you're just product placement for Coca Cola"

The gift giving tradition in Spain has gifts exchanged on January 6th on All Kings Day to celebrate the Kings taking gifts to the baby Jesus. The Spanish have a campaign, "I'm with the Kings." They want children to know that it is the Kings who brought the presents to the baby Jesus not the Fat Red Capitalist--Santa Clause. (Source)

An anti-corporate movement is spreading worldwide...Buy Nothing Day originated in Canada and is also practiced in other nations such as America....Unfortunately it is difficult for the world to separate the United States from the international corporations attempt to rule the world. It appears as if the Corporations own the American government (which rarely listens to the people but have big ears and deep pockets for the bills that corporations want)....and the rest of the world fears that the corporations plan to utilize America's military might to keep their vision of "Free Trade" alive and spreading throughout the world.

So Merry Christmas everyone...especially to my close friends and family who have chosen for years now to celebrate the "spirit" of Christmas, Solstice, and Hannakuh without spending a dime on gifts that too often end up in the landfill.

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