Thursday, December 27, 2007

Pink - Dear Mr President Live In Wembley - I'm Not Dead Tour

Here at Mosquito Blog, reality just keeps intruding on mythology, including the myth that George Walker Bush, the big honcho, is a kind and humane individual of superior moral and ethical character, blessed by the Lord to boot, to hear certain Evangelicals fantasize about it.

Meanwhile, the darker truth is that Mr. Bush is more akin to a modern day version of Johnny Friendly from the movie ON THE WATERFRONT. You remember Johnny don't you, the Mobster controlling the Longshoreman's Union and all the longshoremen on the docks, the superficial "great guy" who is forever doling out favors and largesse to his syncophants and musclemen while blackballing, beating up or killing anyone who stands for the truth.

So let's fantasize a bit on our own here. Let's cast Pink in the role of Edie Doyle, soft yet fiercely truthful and honest, and whose brother has recently been pushed off a roof by Friendly's men, actually calling out Johhny Friendly, played by George W. Bush, to take a sober walk with her into the pain and suffering he has caused in the world. Will he take that walk into honest self-appraisal?

Don't hold your breath. Even in the movie Friendly can't help being an ass even after being indicted and thrown in the bay by a longshoreman after the big slugout with Terry Malloy (Brando). His Karma and character are cast in bronze. The best we can hope for is that some on-the-up-and-up authorities take him for a walk to the Prison Stripe side of life, before he can do more harm.

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